IRTS Thomas Schickling is a unique export market service provider in Hamburg committed to promoting sustainable technologies and industries - in the areas of energy, transport and the environment. Our services focus on trends, opportunities and risks in export markets, including emerging and transforming markets. We support your projects abroad.

Our services comprise:
  • translating English and French texts into German and vice versa
  • co-operation with Slavonic and Chinese native-speaker translators
  • information research for specific countries in the respective languages
  • consulting services for export projects, in particular concerning China
  • French-German cross-cultural training
The strength of our service is based on our skills as translators, trainers and knowledge providers and close co-operation with other business partners, who supplement our services.

Hamburg - which the Chinese call "han bao" , i.e. our castle - is Northern Germany's natural information hub and an ideal location for our services. The city, Germany's "gateway to the world", is the centre of international activities of the region's sustainable industries - many companies have moved their head offices here. Its importance as a location is underlined by the work of many NGOs and initiatives with a view to develop sustainable policies.
IRTS is an integral part of this comprehensive network.

Our references
Energy engineering consultants, project developers, manufacturers, authorities, associations, professional bodies and chambers of commerce.

Thomas Schickling is a member of:

BWE - German Wind Energy Association (covering all RETs),
BVMW - German SME Association (largest of its kind),
Berta - RET Transfer Agency in Development Cooperation, Hamburg
China-Connect - China competence group within the BVMW

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